Sports Counseling in Seattle | WA


    Sports Counseling in Seattle | WA

    PLAY is how it all begins.


    We play to connect with others. We play to experience the joy from activities.


    We play to develop and energize our mind, body, and spirit.


    Most of all, we play to have FUN!


    We GROW self confidence through playing and interacting with the world around us. We grow through what we go through.


    Sports, activities, and competition offer us the opportunity to identify our capabilities, cultivate our strengths, and build productive beliefs in ourself. By participating in challenging and dynamic environments we are offered the opportunity to increase self confidence when we believe we have given all we have - then grow beyond.


    When we identify and understand what matters, harness the power of productive self-talk, have a purpose to our direction, commit to put forth the effort to practice our intentions, there is no limit to what we can become.

    We hold the components necessary to enable us to THRIVE!


    When we PLAY...We grow

    When we GROW...We THRIVE...


    Sports, activities, and competition offer dynamic environments for us to build a productive and adaptable mind, body, and spirit.


  • What We Do

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    Our Clients...

    Learn how to cultivate adaptable mental and emotional skills to "believe they can"  through building a knowledge base that includes cognitive, emotional, and behavioral tools that enable them to show up and perform to their desired capabilities.

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    How We Do It...

    Services are provided through 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Additionally, we provide small group, club, and team support through onsite services, speaking engagements, and presentations.

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    We FOCUS On...

    Developing a foundation grounded in who they are, what matters to them, self-talk, goals, and the behaviors to leverage their capabilities to support these actions in their sport and life.

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    The Benefits...

    What we offer translates beyond sports. We want our clients to succeed beyond their field of play. We want our clients to cultivate their self confidence and be prepared to succeed at life.

  • Services

    Often an athlete begins to have doubts, questions their abilities, may fall short of their goals, max out their mental and emotional "tools", or somewhere along the path lose momentum, they lose the "why?", The "why" they are working so hard.


    Our process includes building a sustainable mental & emotional foundation beyond their field of play. We offer insights, strategies, and tools for our clients to build their knowledge, skills, and abilities to support how they want to show up.


    We collaborate with our clients to begin the process of developing a life practice which enables them to actualize their aspirations, objectives, and goals on the field of play and in the game of life.

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    Build the Foundation

    • Identity - Who am I
    • Values - What Matters to Me
    • Beliefs - What is My Truth
    • Capabilities - My Strengths & Superpowers
    • Goals - What I Am Working Towards
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    Cultivate the Mind

    • Mindset - How to be Neutral & Curious
    • Attitude - How to be Open & Optimistic
    • Self-Talk - Develop Productive Language
    • Focus - Attention, Anchors, & Perspective
    • Encouragement - What Fuels Me
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    Develop Adaptable Behaviors

    • Habits - Build Process, Routine, & Rituals
    • Motivation - Identify the Forcing Functions
    • Reinforcement - Effective & Diliberate Training
    • Transitions - How to Adapt & Manage Change
    • Self-Care - Load Management & Burn-Out
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    Work For Productive Emotions

    • Awareness - Identify the Inputs & Signals
    • Nervous System - What it does & Why
    • Capacity - Load, Limits, & Boundaries
    • Expectations - Interpretation & Perception
    • Self Regulation - Arousal, Stress, & Pressure
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    Establish Metrics of Success

    Build an actionable blueprint with clients to identify where they want to go, who's on their team, and what it will take.

    • The Big Dream
    • Clear Goals w/ Actionable Processes
    • The Team and Support Network
    • The Plan to Evaluate, Interpret, & Adjust
    • How to Recognize & Celebrate the WINS
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    Navigating Defeat

    Losing, not making the cut, and injuries have a place in the process of sport and life.

    It is a reminder of what matters to us. The look on a players face after a game, match, or not making the cut is always evidence of how much the experience has mattered to them.


    As parents, caregivers, extended family members, friends, siblings - there’s never the “right thing to say…” to help dilute the sting of emotions..

    While it is common place to want to be encouraging and say positive things. It is also valuable to recognize the sadness, hurt, disappointment, frustration, and numerous other emotions circulating during an injury or after defeat..


    We work with our clients to understand how to navigate and metabolize the emotions when the plan for success incurs a delay due to injury or just doesn't happen.

  • About

    Tracy Henderson


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    By trade and training I am a licensed mental health counselor and supervisor licensed in Washington State | LH60980971 with over a decade of training & experience working with and providing mental health and counseling services in public mental health, school systems, and private practice with adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples, and families.


    In addition, I am an ISSA certified personal trainer (ISSA - CPT) and I have worked with individuals and adolescents as a life coach, mental skills coach, and mentor providing services that are grounded in developing insight into who they are (Identity) what matters (Values) and establishing what my clients are working for (Purpose) in an effort to identify the forcing functions (Motivation) necessary to cultivate their self-confidence and meet their goals.

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    I have played sports my entire life, coached youth sports, and enjoy chasing a finish line and competing with others. I appreciate the opportunity to challenge myself in an effort to actively pressure test my own growth.


    I have finished short, medium, and Ironman distance triathlon's in an effort to challenge myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.


    I understand how it feels to reach limits and then push beyond. That ability to push beyond doesn't come from extra time in the gym, on the pitch, or field of play. It comes from developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the Mental Gym!


    Mental skills can be the difference maker when it comes to achieving a goal.


    When I work with clients, my passion shows up as encouraging, committed, focused, hard working, enthusiastic, and comes with a consistent message.


    "Believe You Can..."

  • Costs

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    Mental Skills | Emotional Coaching & Mentoring

    If you or your athlete is looking to build a mental performance plan and develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities we offer 30 minute coaching sessions.

    • $75.00 per 30 minute appointment

    For new clients an initial 90 minute intake appointment is required. $150.00

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    1:1 Counseling

    If you or your athlete is experiencing life challenges associated with personal, school, family, or other situations and you feel counseling support would be valuable for them. Contact Tracy Henderson Counseling to determine if your medical insurance can be applied.

    • $125.00 per 55 minute appointment

    Inquire with us if you want to explore using health insurance

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    Payment for Services

    Payment for services is due at each appointment and can be provided using most major credit cards as well as HSA cards. I.e., Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.


    Inquire with us if you want to explore using health insurance for 1:1 Counseling through Tracy Henderson Counseling. Healthcare benefits may be applicable depending on the needs of the client. In-Network w/ Regence, Premera, Lifewise, Aetna, & Cigna


    The No Surprises Act

    The purpose of the No Surprises Act is to let you know about your protections from unexpected medical bills. If you are initiating services without the use of health insurance then please please visit: https://www.cms.gov/nosurprises for more information.